Scripting and Automation

Each engineering task takes hours for your team to complete. Performance models need to be run over and over to find optimal yeilds or to compare module outputs. Monthly reporting tasks eat up valuable man hours. Is there a better way?
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JJT can help!

Python is one of the most popular and fastest growing programming languages in the world. Python is mostly used for data science and computational purposes, and it can be used to automate your workflow.

Additionally, PlantPredict, the state-of-the-art utility scale solar PV software, allows uses the ability to communicate directly with the PlantPredict 'back-end' using Python, skipping the graphical user interface all together. While there is a large technical hurdle to running simulations this way, it allows for unparalled performance engineering power and flexibility.

And of course, JJT can develop automation and scripts for you, which means you get to reap the efficiency gains from scripting and automation without devoting resources!

Some examples of what can be done with performance engineering scripting and automation:

  • Automatically compare yields of 2 mondules by running hundreds of predicitons with a single click
  • Run a loop to compare difference weather resources for a single location
  • Run hundreds of predicitons with varying conditions to evaluate new technologies - like bifacial modules!
  • Rerun many predictions when bin classes suddenly change
  • Run hundreds of predictions to automatically see the impact of a treeline and perform a financial analysis
  • Automatically download weather station data, apply to a prediciton, and compare to real world production

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