Agile Scrum

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On-demand Scrum Master services for your teams

You're a Product Owner or Project Manager for a modern technology company. You're responsible for the development of various software offerings that will help your company succeed. You have stakeholders breathing down your neck demanding progress updates. Your software development team says your offering is too buggy and isn't ready yet. You don't have anything tangible to report on. What do you do?
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JJT can help!

Using the Agile Scrum methodology and JJT Scrum Master services, you'll deliver consistent value to your software while keeping your development team motivated and fullfilled

Agile Scrum is a software project management methodology that splits software development into bite-size cycles called 'Sprints'. Every sprint, value is delievered to the end product in some form. This leads to tangible improvment over time and allows space for changing priorities and business cases.

The Scrum Master is the impartial, objective leader of the Agile Scrum team. The Scrum Master facilitates Scrum meetings (or 'ceremonies'), removes impedimates for developers, and acts as the cornerstone of communication between developers, owners, testers, and other stakeholders in the company.

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