Over a decade of renewable energy and software passion

JJackson Technologies, LLC - or JJT- is a technology company based in Ashland, Oregon. While the company spans multiply areas of technology, it generally focuses on the exploring the space where renewable energy and software collide.

Jacob Jackson founded JJT in early 2020, right when the world fell into the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. During that challanging time, Jacob was looking for new opportunities and thought there could be a market need for companies looking to expand their technical capabilities without increasing headcount.

Jacob has worked in the solar industry for over a decade. He started at Tigo Energy, a DC optimaztion company located in the heart of Silicon Valley. During his time there he quickly rose from working in support to field engineering to support management. Because Tigo Energy is, at its heart, a software company, Jacob quickly became aware of the importance software techonology plays in the growth and maturity of the renewable energy industry.

After years at Tigo Energy, Jacob transitioned to a performance engineering role at First Solar. His main responsibility was to aid in the development of PlantPredict, a state-of-the-art solar simulation software. He helped the software developers understand the performance engineering necessary to write accurate functions, supported clients using the software with site analysis and prediction creation, and became a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) in an effort to help the team be more efficient in the Agile Scrum process.

After working in the PlantPredict performance engineering role for over a year, Jacob became Product Mananger of the software. In that role he lead the software development team, interacted with internal and external stakeholders, decided upon top software development priorities, aided clients with their performance engineering needs, helped clients automate their work with the PlantPredict Python SDK, and much more.

Jacob holds a Bachelors of Science in Engineering Phyics from Santa Clara University, a Professional Science Masters in Solar Energy Engineering and Commericialization from Arizona State University, and is Certified Scrum Master.

JJT currently is currently helping multiple clients with performance engineering in PVsyst and PlantPredict, leading Agile Scrum teams in a Scrum Master capacity, and helping automate work using Python and data science.

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